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Failed Dorchester restaurant where three were shot in illegal after-hours club could be replaced by Caribbean restaurant; Halal, Nashville chicken places proposed for South Bay

Update: All approved.

The Boston Licensing Board decides tomorrow whether to let Dorchester resident Yimi Lajara open Mofongo Factory Restaurant at 299 Hancock St. in Dorchester - and to allow a franchisee to open Halal and spicy-fried-chicken places at the South Bay mall.

The Hancock Street address was formerly La Parilla restaurant, where three people were shot around 5:50 a.m. on Oct. 30 in what police said was an illegal after hours club in the restaurant's basement.

At a licensing hearing today, Lajara's attorney, Nicholas Zozula, emphasized repeatedly that his client had nothing to do with the former La Parilla or its owner, Diustin Cruz, who disappeared after the shooting and whose license was canceled by the licensing board and lease by his landlord.

Lajara lives on Olney Street and got his start 15 years ago working in his father's restaurant, Santo Domingo, on Washington Street, which he eventually took over and then sold to his cousin, Zozula said.

"He's never had any issues with the police, Zozula added.

Lajara is seeking approval for a 19-seat restaurant that would be open between 6 a.m. and 11 p.m.

Also tomorrow, the board decides whether to issue food-serving licenses for a proposed Halal Guys Middle Eastern restaurant and a Dave's Hot Chicken spicy Nashville-style fried chicken place, both on District Avenue in the South Bay mall, both with proposed hours of 11 a.m. to midnight.

Nobody spoke in opposition to the three proposed licenses.



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That headline reads like a short novel, haha.

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I call that the back end of South Bay. I've got to check out the movie theater back there one of these days. I don't suppose I could bring fried chicken into the theater though. AMC is fussy about that kind of thing.

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