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Curley School in Jamaica Plain briefly put in 'safe mode' this morning when a student went missing

Parents of children at the Curley School got texts shortly before 10 a.m. that the school had been put in "safe mode" - its entrance and exit doors locked - and that they shouldn't head for the school.

A few minutes later, parents got an all-clear message:

This morning, our school was placed into "Safe Mode" for approximately 2 minutes while school staff searched for a student who was reported missing.

School staff immediately worked to search for the student and notified BPS Safety Services and Boston Police to provide assistance. The Curley K-8 School “Safe Mode” was lifted once the student was found safe hiding within the building.



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Imply that the school is usually in "unsafe mode?"


It basically means the school locks all the external doors while teachers, students and staff go about their regular days, as opposed to "lockdown," which is when teachers lock their classroom doors, kids hide under desks or in closets and the like.


All exterior doors, along with all classroom doors, are always closed and locked while staff and students go about their day.
Not sure what safe mode is.

If it took a grand total of two minutes to find this kid, how big a deal could it have been? Probably going to the bathroom for heaven's sake.

The school may have been in “safe mode” for 2 minutes, but my guess is that the student was missing for a good deal longer than that before they called it.

Sadly, having a few “runners” in a BPS school is not that unusual.

From BPS-
“Safe Mode” is a safety protocol that Boston Public Schools use when students are in close proximity to unsafe situations, both on the school campus or in the neighborhood. Schools are required to keep students and staff in the school building while the safety team responds.


Hiding? From who?