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Northeastern researcher thinks he's found 20 new stories written by Louisa May Alcott under a pseudonym

The Huntington News reports.



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She was a virulent and very public Anti-Irish bigot.

She's trash.

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misogyny? Seems like something a thinking man like yourself might do now and again. You also seem very angry in general. There's no shame in participating in some professional therapy. It must be difficult walking around with all that rabid rage.

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So if Ralph Waldo Emerson had the same anti-Irish sentiment and I called him trash, that would be ok?

It isn't misogyny to call someone trash if they are trash.

I didn't point out her bigotry because she was a woman. I pointed it out because she appears to get a pass on things that if she was anti-black or anti-Jewish, people would be up in arms about it.

See the difference?

It must be difficult walking around all that rabid lack of reading comprehension.

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Didn’t she write a trashy book about “Little Men” ?

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I like her writing and don't like her thoughts on "No Irish Need Apply." I feel the same about Woody Allen. I loved his early movies and standup but don't like his later actions in real life. What I tend to do now is separate the person from the work. This may not be the best way, but it lets me enjoy "art" without having to worry about "the artist as a person." I think if I researched everyone who made anything I might find many who I would not have liked as a person. So, I guess I sort of chicken out and avoid those issues.

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She was willing to proudly commit to paper and publish exactly how horrendously entitled and bigoted she was.

Alcott fully engaged in the othering of recent immigrants as essentially sub-human: https://thereconstructionera.com/when-louisa-may-alcott-endorsed-no-iris...

Never mind that the sort of prized servants that Alcott sought were either working in the mills or heading to the mid-West and beyond seeking their fortune. Doing scut work for a spoiled, arrogant, and demanding person like Alcott was low on their list of options.

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I never realized her bigotry.

Sound a lot like some people today.


Oops. Swirly beat me to it with the link.

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Thinking is all the proof one needs in some fields.

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You should try it sometime.

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