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Man wanted to do some shopping on Centre Street in West Roxbury, so first he robbed a bank there, feds say

Suspect in Rockland Trust

Surveillance of suspect in Rockland Trust branch via FBI.

Suspect at Cooperative Bank

The FBI yesterday arrested a Roslindale man they say paid for an expensive shopping trip to the Walgreens on Centre Street in West Roxbury earlier this month by first robbing the Rockland Trust branch down the street - a week after he tried and failed to rob a Bank of America branch in Allston.

Wolf Fevrier, 46, is scheduled for a detention hearing today in US District Court in Boston on a charge of bank robbery.

An affidavit by a Malden police officer working with the FBI's Violent Crimes Task Force reports that, if nothing else, Fevrier got in several good walks on Feb. 16, when he allegedly robbed the Rockland Trust branch at 1920 Centre St.

The account of his day starts around 12:30 p.m. with him at the Cooperative Bank on Belgrade Avenue in Roslindale Square, where he inquired about opening an account - only the teller couldn't understand him through his face mask and asked him to take it down, which he did and when she asked his name, he replied "Wolf."

He took some information, then, the affidavit states, he left after five minutes and apparently walked the roughly 1 1/2 miles to Rockland Trust - surveillance photos from cameras along the route place him getting as far as Belgrade Avenue and Walworth Street.

Around 1:10 p.m., he walked into the Rockland Trust branch:

The subject approached the teller counter and passed a note under a deposit slip that the teller reported saying something to the effect of "I'm not playing any games, I have a gun" and that demanded large bills and stated that the teller was not to give him any "bait" bills.

In response, the teller handed the subject 10- and 20-dollar bills in U.S. currency from the drawer (a bank audit revealed it totaled $1,475). Once the subject received the money, he took the note and exited the bank at approximately 1:13 p.m.

He then disappeared, according to the affidavit, which adds, however, the investigators believe, based in part on surveillance photos, he walked to his home about 1 1/2 miles away on Brahms Street in Roslindale, changed his clothes and put on glasses, then made his way back to Centre Street.

At 3:34 p.m., he walked into the Bank of America branch at 1857 Centre St., about three blocks away from the Rockland Trust branch, and used an ATM to deposit all but $85 of the Rockland Trust haul into his Bank of America account, which is ironic, or something, because, according to the affidavit, on Feb. 9, he tried holding up a Bank of America branch on Commonwealth Avenue at Harvard Avenue in Allston, only when he passed a demand note to a teller there, she demanded he lower his face mask so she could see his face and then pressed a panic button - after which Fevrier ran out.

After making his ATM deposit, the affidavit continues, Fevrier walked down Centre towards Lagrange, past and across the street from the Rockland Trust branch he had robbed earlier, and went into the Walgreens, where he used his Bank of America debit card to buy $949.81 worth of stuff.

The otherwise detailed affidavit does not state what he bought.

The way he told the teller at the Cooperative Bank in Roslindale that his name was Wolf proved a key clue in finding him, the affidavit states: Investigators punched "Wolf" into a database of people who have spent time locked up in Massachusetts and found five, but only one within a reasonable walk of the Roslindale and West Roxbury banks and the Walgreens.

Fevrier was likely in the database because of his conviction - and 20-year sentence - for his part in an armed home invasion in Taunton, for which he was released in 2019.

Innocent, etc.

Complete affidavit (1.4M PDF).



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Would it not have been easier to just rob the Walgreens?

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$1,000 worth of merchandise is likely to be a bit bulkier than an envelope filled with cash. The get away would have been much more conspicuous.

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Federal charges though...

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Do not provide your real name to staff while casing banks to rob.

The way he told the teller at the Cooperative Bank in Roslindale that his name was Wolf proved a key clue in finding him...

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