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Time for a group of Nantucket residents to stop tilting at windmills off their coast, court says

A federal appeals court yesterday tossed a lawsuit by a group of Nantucket residents who say the wind turbines now being built off their island will kill endangered right whales.

In its ruling, the US Court of Appeals for the First Circuit concluded that federal officials did so properly consider the impact of the wind farm on migrating right whales to come to a conclusion that the turbines and their bases likely pose no threat to the whales:

[National Marine Fisheries Service] and [Bureau of Ocean Energy Management] followed the law in analyzing the right whale's current status and environmental baseline, the likely effects of the Vineyard Wind project on the right whale, and the efficacy of measures to mitigate those effects. Moreover, the agencies' analyses rationally support their conclusion that Vineyard Wind will not likely jeopardize the continued existence of the right whale.

The suit, one of several filed against the wind project, so far unsuccessfully, was filed by a group that once called itself Ack Rats but which changed its name to Nantucket Residents Against Wind Turbines. The court's ruling came on the group's appeal of a lower-court decision to sink their suit.


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Surely there's some other marine creature the Feds didn't consider which they can use to delay the project further.

According to noted biologist Fred Schneider, the bikini whale is something to be worried about.


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Greater Boston should've never been built.


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It is regularly reported in the press that whales are being killed by boat strikes and getting tangled up in fishing gear.

The residents of Nantucket actually have a much bigger fish to fry than the wind farm: The increased rate of beach erosion that is slowly eating away at the Nantucket housing stock.

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I'm waiting for the NIMBYs to invent windmill cancer - Edit: My bad, Trump already went there.

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How much do the Plaintiffs donate to trusted marine biologist research and world organizations to protect whales and other at risk sea life? Or do they just power up their yachts and look out for their own interests? Oh. Maybe a check was squeezed out of their trust fund during the law suit to make them look good? From their Blue Chip law firm's IOLTA account?

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There once was a man from Nantucket
"Those windmills", he said, "can go suck it."
He thought of a way
To keep progress at bay
But the court told him where he could stuff it

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Climate driven sea level rise continues to reduce the sewage treatment capacity of the island and massively reduce property values in select locations.

But all the retired oil executives and their astroturf orgs don't care because they won't have to deal with it.

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Maybe they should file an appeal on the basis of blanket immunity. After all, if we don't confirm absolute immunity... other cetaceans in the future might be subject to capricious persecution from blowhard fat whales.

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