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Man shot to death on Ellis Street in Hyde Park, around corner from where another man was murdered last month

Police on Ellis Street

Police on Ellis Street. Photo by Live Boston.

Victim identified as Storlen Webster.

Boston Police report a man was shot at 10 Ellis St., around 7:30 p.m. on Sunday.

He was taken to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

On Nov. 16, Bolivar Soto, 20, was fatally shot at 18 Church St., the next street over from Ellis.



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Why the police are in riot gear?

Also RIP the victim and love to their family.

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It’s tactical gear, appropriate to wear to a shooting.

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Probably for protection !! I amazed how quick people are to judge.. If that was your house or neighborhood I bet you want them there to do there job which nowadays sucks because society shows no dam respect. There are a few bad apples everywhere even with drug dealers and gang bangers .But to answer your question shot fired , what should the be wearing Bermuda shorts and t-shirt and try to compromise with these scumbags. I a Hyde Parker born and raised and still here!!! You should be asking or saying thank nobody else was hurt and they did a great job. Many families live on that street with kids and elderly parent and were not hurt because of BPD ..So quick to be anti police ! I am anti piece of shit scumbags i am sure this person wasn't on the way to be anything but a strain on society..

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