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Macy's sucks

Macy's is a huge company. Surely, somebody in its IT department would know how to do a database select that excludes people with Massachusetts Zip codes when they send out an e-mail ad for this garish, hideous thing, this awful glass chunk that you can see after the jump. So the only conclusion one can reach upon learning that Macy's actually e-mailed an offer to residents of Massachusetts this morning to buy this, this thing is that Macy's hates New England (at least, past Stanford). Or as Pomsmith, who forwarded it, writes: "Filene's and Jordan's are turning in their graves."

OK, are you ready?

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I received the e-mail from Macy's and was flabbergasted.

All I can say is that anybody who shops at Macy's - as well as anybody who votes for Hillary Clinton, after her slap to the face - should be deported to NYC.

On a Fung Wah bus.

With balding tires.


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I wonder if they'll sell the Patriots ones they had waiting at a serious discount now.

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Take another look at that Amazon page. Scroll down to "Better Together":

Better Together
Buy this book with "New York Giants: 2008 Super Bowl Champions" by Sports Publishing today!
Buy Together Today: $23.74

Also, its current Amazon Sales Rank is #11.

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was written by Mike Barnicle. Who knew he
was back at the Globe?

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Though I was thinking about buying one just so I could chuck it in the reservoir across the street from my office.

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You know, because you can't opt not to read it:

The Giants win it all! Celebrate with a Waterford Crystal football!

It didn't really hit me how very, very defunct Filenes--and local retail in general--was until I saw that in my inbox.

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Buy one now! Make an impression on the team!


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I got that email too with the headline was 'The Giants win it all! Celebrate with a Waterford Crystal football!' I thought are you f****** kidding me?? I think this email just may make me never shop at that crappy store again. At least Nordstrom's doesn't insult me!

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They killed a lot of regional department stores in favor of a New York name. I don't see why they don't understand that no everyone wants to be a New Yorker. Think about it Bostonians and Chicagoans are not exactly the biggest fans of New York.

Macy's is a dump.

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Macys sucks for lots of reasons.

Their collection department in India
FACS Caller ID # FACS 727-556-7300
has been calling my spare line for months.

I have no account with Macys and the number I'm getting the calls at is a new one from a Cable Company

Great company, they buy all their crap from the third world and now hire third world folks to harass the innocent.

Lets return the favor-

Monday-Saturday 9am-9pm EST/PST and Sunday 11am-8pm EST/PST.
U.S. and Canadian customers call:
1 (866)593-2543

Naturally when you call the above number you get a machine.

Don’t just hang up, do this-
First they ask for an account number, just say “I don’t know”
It will then prompt you to enter your SS#- Type in 9 0’s
Then a prompt will tell you to say “transfer” to get to a real voice.

Explain to this person what is going on and be sure to give thee offending number.

If we all do this whenever we have a chance we might get some help.

Also complain about their e-mail fopah

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False Claims – Credit Dunning for not our account
MCCS - Macy's Credit and Customer Service
Macy's & Bloomingdales [credit accounts factored to Citicard] - They fail to take appropriate actions in verifying credit card application data so that you can have them call you claiming that you owe them - Macy's, Bloomingdale's - money on a card which may be in $1000s but it is not your card - just your phone number for an account that was opened in a totally different state from your number/home - They are terrible - absolute failure to verify data! ABYSMAL -
Call from New Delhi Indian Call Center
(727) 556-7300
Mccs - MACYS India New Delhi Joe Berg re wrong acct
Associate 295257 HCL Technologies 800-545-1256x56700
MCCS POB 8118 Mason OH 45040
EXECUTIVE OFFICE: Follow-up Lisa Durbin 513-398-5221 x32634
MCCS POB 8220 Mason OH 45040

I have received numerous calls over the past months all calling to dun my wife on large outstanding amounts on either her Macy's or Bloomingdale's cards. Yet, the address of record for the cards MCCS is calling about is in Rhode Island and our telephone number clearly is not. We have wasted nearly hours with Indian and Filipino call center employees attempting to explain that we are not who they want. Every time they have claimed they will remove our number from their data base but we keep getting calls.

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My daughter wanted a backpack. We bought it at PacSun. It was on sale. We went
into Macy's and she saw the same backpack which was priced .50 higher than the
regular price at PacSun and no sale or discount was being advertised. My daughter
then saw another backpack, same brand, same style but in a different color that
she preferred. Macy's supposedly has a price match policy so I asked a clerk at
Macy's to do a price match. She said she had to get permission from the manager.
After 20 minutes or so, she came back and said the manger said they would not be
able to match the price PacSun was offering. I asked the clerk for the contact
information of the district manager and she said she would have to get that from
the manager. After waiting another 15 minutes the clerk came back and this time
the manager came with her. The manager said there was no reason to contact the
district manager, that she was there and was able to explain the store policy and
that she wanted to make sure she understood what I was asking for. I explained that
PacSun had a better price and an even lower sale price, showed the manager the
receipt from PacSun and requested a price match. The manager again said that Macy's
would not be able to match the PacSun price and explained that Macy's doesn't consider
PacSun a competitor and stated that the Macy's price match policy only applies to
large department store competitors like K-Mart and JC Penney. I bet Macy's shareholders,
if I could share this information with them, would not agree that PacSun is not a
competitor. I asked the manager for district manager's contact information and she
refused to provide that information. This is a Sunday early afternoon, two weeks
before school starts. The mall is packed with shoppers and stores like Hollister,
Areopostle, Buckle, Forever21 and PacSun are very busy. While I was waiting those
twenty minutes for the manager to come over and talk to me, I notice Macy's has exactly
four shoppers in their Junior's Department, two of which are just passing through
and never leave the main aisle. My guess is they are on their way to one of these
stores that Macy's does not recognize as a competitor. As for me, I just cut
up my Macy's card and won't be back. I still wanted to discuss this experience with
a district manager so when I arrived home I checked the Macy's website. The contact
information is vague but there is a page that allows you to submit comments and
answer a series of formatted questions with very narrow scaled answer selections. I
also noticed that the Macy's website only provides a place to recognize associates
for outstanding service. I am left to wonder why Macy's does not accept negative
comments or complaints? Is that a reflection of the same arrogance that allows them
the belief that PacSun is not worthy of being considered real competition? No telling
how many thousands of dollars Macy's spends in advertising dollars to bring customers
into their stores - ironic that it cost them less than $10.00 to drive me out the
door. I will spend about $700 on our family's back to school shopping and not one
single cent will be spent at Macy's. They shouldn't be concerned though, because none
of it is being spent at any of their competitors either. I will take my girls shopping
at those "other" stores - they are the ones that they really want to go to anyway.
I remember the good old days of Meier & Frank. Sad they were taken over by Macy's.

[email protected]

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