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Mumbles: the light works fine in my office...

In this week's installment of Metro Moments with Menino, a reader from Davis Square says a cabbie refused him a ride home. When he called the hotline to report it, it was down. Menino responds with "thanks for complaining. We 'looked into it' and you're wrong, but if you're right, we're sorry" routine:

I want to thank you for alerting us and assure you that the 617-536-TAXI (8294) number does in fact work. I apologize if the number was not working the night of your incident, but the number was checked and it is working properly.

Also: the Mayor gracefully defends the arcane parking rules of Beacon St, where spaces go from metered public to free residential-only and rules aren't programmed into the meters, or marked on them. Scott from Waltham: good luck with that ticket, and beware that even if you get the ticket dismissed, you'll probably get still get stuck with an "administrative" fee.

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Ok, so I read your response to our neighbor in Davis Square with respect to the Taxi complaint telephone. Aside from the fact that you totally dismissed his complaint as being valid, could you please expand upon your comment that this telephone line is manned by a police officer at all times? I can only begin to imagine that aside from the lucrative overtime details that many of your finest always seem to working (when these positions are basically manned by homeless people sporting orange vests elsewhere within these United States), I'm wondering if overtime compensation is being provided for those who work the phone lines? Was it also down on Super Bowl Sunday?

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I can't tell if this is an Open Letter or if the poster really thinks this is the Mayor's personal blog.

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