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Lipstick on a pig

Sure, it's shiny and gleaming, but when you get right down to it, the Silver Line through Roxbury and the South End is still just a bunch of buses, one subject to all the whims of Boston drivers, John writes:

The Silver Line never really sounded like a real transit line, and it's proved to be the fraud that many predicted.

He points to this Herald article, in which a T spokesman blames delays over the past month on the Jan. 23 blizzard:

"We had 2 feet of snow. It was the most significant snowstorm since the blizzard of '78," T spokesman Joe Pesaturo said. "With each passing day, the situation gets better."

With each passing day? The blizzard was A MONTH ago, and they still haven't figured out how to work with the city to clear away the snow - much of which had since melted?
Throw in yesterday's snow, and maybe things will be back to normal by, what, June?



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Charlie on the MTA takes his first ride on the above-ground part of the Silver Line, a.k.a. "bus rapid transit." His reaction:
It's a

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