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Running a half-marathon

Christine cheers her sister on during yesterday's Boston Half Marathon:

... Afterwards over lunch I asked Sharon how she managed to look so fresh and upbeat at the end of her 13 mile journey. She said that her goal was to stay tuned in physically and mentally during the race; to listen to what her instincts and body were telling her and to move through the course at a pace where she felt energized yet comfortable. ...

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Our own inner circles of hell

Newly arrived from California, Susan quickly gets lessons in how">our fair state's insurance and mass-transit systems really work. First, she's forced to lie about where she got her car, because it was a gift from her aunt and the official form for insurance doesn't list "aunt" as a family member from whom gifts are acceptable:

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I was surprised the other day when I was having trouble connecting to our access point from our back porch (those durn metal door- and window frames!) and out of curiosity, turned on site survey and saw three other addresses pop up - all un-encrypted and one offering direct access to somebody's PC. Since we don't have all that many neighboring houses, it would probably be pretty easy to figure out who the networks belong to and talk to them about, at a minimum, turning WEP on. Should I?

Historic Hyde Square

Historic Hyde Square is a new blog-based site by residents of Jamaica Plain's Hyde Square section:

In 1984, the Boston Landmarks Commission identified six areas in Hyde Square that were eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.

Historic Hyde Square is a group of residents who are organizing to pursue these historic designations.

Lipstick on a pig

Sure, it's shiny and gleaming, but when you get right down to it, the Silver Line through Roxbury and the South End is still just a bunch of buses, one subject to all the whims of Boston drivers, John writes:

The Silver Line never really sounded like a real transit line, and it's proved to be the fraud that many predicted.


Spectacular building

Carpundit is just loving the newly redone John Adams Courthouse (for you viewers at home, you can see it in the opening credits for "Boston Legal"):

... The only failing of the renovators, I think, was in their failing to secure permission to raze Center Plaza, which hides the courthouse from the city. Like City Hall and the JFK Federal Building, Center Plaza is an architectural insult that detracts from the city's old beauty. ...

Weekend concert reviews

Bradley sees, records and reviews Ida's show at the MFA on Sunday:

One of the best things about Ida is how relaxed them seem to be, how effortlessly their songs come across, how easily their three voices flow together. There's a real comforting, almost family atmosphere to their shows. Elizabeth, Dan, & Karla were joined by voilinist Jean Cook and drummer Ruth Keating, who were note and beat perfect.

He has MP3s up of Ida's songs.


Building ad-hoc breaking-news pages

What would be cool would be to create pages on the fly that bring up the latest Boston-area postings on breaking news (think gay marriage, the DNC, the February blizzard, etc.).

Drupal has a "news page" module for just that purpose - enter a keyword and the module checks incoming RSS items for it and then posts. Only problem: It works on a per-category basis. So I've created an "All" category and have been adding existing blogs into it, in addition to whatever real categories they belong in.

Extended periods of snowstorm activity

Dan is getting annoyed with the inability of Boston meteorologists to speak English:

... Boston meteorologists need to lighten up and give a straight forecast. The forecast last night called tonight's anticipated "snowstorm" as one that will be plowable.


Geez. What's the alternative? That New England shuts down for four days because the plows can't get out?


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Going for a record

You wonder: Back in 1941, at what point did Yankees fans realize that Joe DiMaggio was heading for a record-breaking hitting streak? When did they get the sense they were watching something amazing unfold? I think it must be something like what you might feel now reading the Herald: The spunky little tabloid came through in the clutch today with its fifth front-page Metro story in a row. And ya gotta love the picture of a crumpled-up Metro sitting on top of some trash, as well as nice objective statements such as:

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Michael reminds us that tomorrow is the 86th anniversary of the Great Molasses Flood, when 21 people drowned in molasses after a giant North End storage tank full of the stuff burst. Molasses fans will recall it happened on an unseasonably warm January day - good thing there aren't any molasses tanks left in the North End today, eh?


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In a fog

gray, gray, everywhere is gray

The Forest Hills overpass at Hyde Park Avenue.

Ana requests that somebody not stuck in an office take some fog photos:

... It is absolutely amazing out there. Fresh Pond is a wall of white smoke.

Beth also wishes for a camera:

... The fog has been hanging around all day, making the view from the windows at work -- usually a harsh and angular one framed by the hospitals and labs -- almost pretty.

Fondofelves comes to the rescue, offering up three fog photos. Bri risks dismemberment to capture a commuter-rail train slicing through the fog. John takes a series of fog photos across the city.

Sonia, meanwhile, wonders what happened to those near-record-high temps the weatherfolks promised us:

I feel ripped off that it's not 60 degrees today.

Update: Ana went out at lunchtime and got some nice shots of trees in the fog.