Are ants building giant robots now?

Drew Starr spotted this thing in Christopher Columbus Park, wonders what it is.



Binaural recording rig

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These are used to make highly accurate 3-D stereo sound recordings for listening to over headphones.

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Nice site - thx for link!

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I was surprised by how well these cheap headphones I've currently got hooked up to my desktop comp worked, and not-as-surprised as I wished I was at how much my perception of hi frequency has dropped off. Getting old bites.

Well designed and fun to use - This page went into my bookmarks folder for future reference - thanks again Dave!

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The link that I provided

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The link that I provided brings up a listing for what looks like the same product (It has the same logo on the front). Not sure how much it costs, though.

Here's a binaural recording from the early '70s that was made using similar dummy head technology.

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