By - 5/25/18 - 9:24 am

Thank goodness we have Dan Kennedy to keep us updated with what now seem to be twice-daily dispatches from the front lines of our paper of record. In addition to the latest #metoo case, he reports the Globe is planning on some downsizing, at first through buyouts, but eventually with layoffs if needed.

By - 5/23/18 - 9:39 pm

Dan Kennedy posts a memo from Globe Editor Brian McGrory to his staff about the harassment allegation against him by former Deputy Editor Hilary Sargent.

By - 5/23/18 - 9:16 am

CommonWealth details an accusation by former Globe intern and deputy editor Hilary Sargent against current Globe editor Brian McGrory.

In December, the Globe fired a State House reporter after accusations against him surfaced (during the Globe's investigation into State House sexual harassment).

By - 5/14/18 - 10:09 pm

Herald reporter Bob McGovern tallies the damage since a slash-and-burn owner took over at the Herald:

At one point the Herald encompassed two floors  -  now advertising and editorial are separated by a little more than 77 inches of carpet.

By - 5/10/18 - 5:50 pm

but I think it is of interest. His interview in Boston Magazine:

By - 5/10/18 - 5:47 pm

but in case you missed it from Boston Magazine yesterday here is his story:

By - 5/5/18 - 2:36 pm

Now a novelist, in 1996, Alisa Valdes was a writer for the Living section of the Globe when Junot Diaz's "Drown" collection of short stories came out. When he came up to Boston, she interviewed him and they began a relationship even though he expressed disgust when she took him to a Dominican restaurant in JP rather than a fancy place downtown. Read more.

By - 4/25/18 - 10:06 am

WBZ Newsradio reports the death this morning of Lana Jones, a longtime reporter. Jones, 62, had joined the station in 1991. Read more.

By - 4/20/18 - 4:53 pm

And it's bringing in "a third party with expertise" as it investigates allegations that he made stuff up.

Does Kevin Cullen still smell the Marathon explosions?

By - 4/20/18 - 10:59 am

WEEI's Kirk Minihane yesterday ripped into Kevin Cullen for two bombing-related columns - one over the weekend, the other a couple days after the bombings. In the first column, he wrote that Martin Richard's father was a runner in the race; in the second, he made it sound like he was at the scene at the time of the explosions.

David Wade reports the Globe is now investigating Cullen's writing on the topic.

By - 4/19/18 - 10:14 pm

David Wade reports Gil Santos has died. He was 80.

Gil Santos's top 10 calls.

By - 4/15/18 - 2:32 pm

The main characters in this new novel are members of an Italian family in Boston, c. 1950s, that includes several plasterers. Many scenes occur in the home of one of the extended familes and on the job. I can easily script the plastering and construction aspects with accuracy (thanks to my own family history and no, I'm not Italian but do have a Sicilian s.i.l..) It's the details about the city and neighborhoods where I have to do loads of research and that's actually how I found this wonderful site. As I noted elsewhere, I used to live in New Hampshire and have been lost in Boston several times. Hey, I know where Mike's bakery is.

By - 4/4/18 - 10:57 am

One of those people who still read the Globe on paper forwards this headline from yesterday's editions.

By - 3/30/18 - 8:49 am
Rod Fritz

WBZ Newsradio's owners have cut veteran anchor Rod Fritz, who has been reporting and broadcasting Boston news for some 40 years. In a memo to the staff, the station's assistant news director tersely writes:

Read more.

By - 3/23/18 - 3:50 pm

NBC Boston, which now calls itself NBC 10 Boston, has alerted people who watch it the old-fashioned way, with an antenna, on channel 60.5, that they'll have to rescan to pick up NBC 10 on channel 15.1 because 60.5 is going away forever on April 1.

By - 3/21/18 - 6:17 pm
By - 3/18/18 - 9:08 am

Dan Kennedy posts the memo from a manager with the Purcell regime to staffers about what happens at midnight tonight; Kennedy adds one of those not making the transition to Digital First Media is editorial-page editor Rachelle Cohen.

The Boston Business Journal reports the new owners will shift Herald printing from the Globe in Taunton to GateHouse Media in Providence.

By - 3/13/18 - 9:58 am
12 heads in boxes on WHDH

As Kate shows us, Channel 7 had a nice opening gambit with a screen showing 12 reporters and weather people in little boxes. Will we see a station break Channel 25's record of 17 heads on a screen, set in the January nor'easter? Or will Channel 25 round up some kids at a local sledding hill to maintain their dominance?