By - 12/1/11 - 3:58 pm

Hank Alexandre is in need of some sole saving.

By - 11/30/11 - 1:52 pm

The Payless store on Centre Street has a big "CLOSING" banner hanging from the front.

By - 11/26/11 - 11:59 am

Today's the day we're all supposed to go out and buy stuff from local stores to show our support, but Steve Sheinkopf at Yale Appliance explains why that's not a good reason to buy from his store:

If we do not have an unique selling proposition or value (price, delivery, customer service, technical service), then we do not deserve your business. That is the only way to truly compete in the global economy.

We have to earn your trust, then your business. Period.

By - 11/18/11 - 1:22 pm

The Herald reports on last night's BRA meeting on a developer's plan to build a tower with 318 condos and new retail space above the existing Neiman Marcus.

By - 11/15/11 - 7:19 pm

CommonHealth reports on the collapse of contract talks between the hospital and the insurer.

By - 11/15/11 - 4:16 pm

Restaurant owner Joe Cimino asked the Boston Licensing Board today for six to nine more months to get his Saratoga restaurant at 41 Fairfield open, but state Rep. Marty Walz told the board enough's enough and it's time to let somebody else have a crack at the restaurant's license.

By - 11/14/11 - 7:18 am

Welina Farah reviews the weekly Venture Cafe at the Cambridge Innovation Center, which serves as a sort of welcome party for Kendall Square's technopreneurs:

The overall feel of the Café is one that puts a kind of nervous college student walking into a room full of established women and men doing what she one day aspires to do- at ease. I look forward to the next time I have a chance to attend Venture Café.

By - 11/9/11 - 2:57 pm

The Boston Business Journal has put up a Google Map showing every liquor license in the state.

By - 11/8/11 - 11:55 am

The Greek International Food Market at Washington and Grove streets in West Roxbury goes before the Boston Licensing Board next Wednesday to request a license to sell beer and wine. It's across the street from Dedham Line Liquors.

Also going before the board next week: Sugar in Roslindale, seeking a license to sell beer and wine with its food.

Potentially at issue for both places: Whether the board has any licenses to dole out. The number of liquor licenses in Boston is limited by the state legislature; over the past two years, the board has denied a number of license requests because none were available at the time.

By - 11/6/11 - 7:34 pm

Patty Neal reports it was more than just disconcerting to hear Christmas music today at the Mall at Chestnut Hill:

Too soon!

The mall heard Patty and responded not long after:

Sorry, someone must have put it in too soon! It's supposed to start playing just before Black Friday.

By - 11/4/11 - 10:26 am

Keurig, the Reading-based maker of single-serving coffee machines, is suing a California company that makes knock-off K-cups.

By - 11/2/11 - 1:03 pm

Filene's Basement will close all remaining stores and liquidate by the end of January 2012. As will the chain's current parent, Syms (which once had its own store on Summer Street, a block away from Filene's).

By - 11/1/11 - 2:58 pm

When the guy picked out several bottles of vodka and rum at Bradley's Liquors on Boylston Street and gave manager Steven Steinberg his Pennsylvania driver's license, Steinberg compared the photo to the guy's face, saw it looked just like him, then ran the license through a scanner designed to detect fakes. When the machine said the ID was real, Steinberg took his money and let him walk out - right into a pair of Boston detectives, who quickly determined the guy was not, in fact, 21.

Steinberg's lawyer, Stephen Miller, told the Boston Licensing Board this morning Steinberg was the latest student-ghetto victim of Chinese companies that now churn out fake US driver's licenses so realistic they come with embedded microchips able to fool some of the scanners used by local bars and liquor stores to keep kids from getting their hands on booze. For $200 or so, a student with a longing for liquor can get a license that even has his or her picture - no more relying on older sibling's IDs.

Newer scanners can detect made-in-China IDs, but relatively few places have them yet - and they cost $3,500 apiece.

Pennsylvania licenses seem particularly vulnerable, Miller said.

By - 11/1/11 - 8:13 am

Three animal groups say lobster pots and fishing lines used off the Massachusetts coast are killing endangered North Atlantic right whales and other large whales.

In a lawsuit filed yesterday in US District Court in Boston, the Humane Society of the US, Defenders of Wildlife and the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society demand the government do something to stop the deaths - several of which they say occurred after the National Marine Fisheries Service released studies last fall that lobstering and large-scale fishing offshore were not jeopardizing right, humpback, fin and sei whales:

By - 10/31/11 - 6:11 pm

The Globe reports the store where the Hi-Lo used to be opened today instead of its announced Wednesday date.

That didn't fool Whose Foods, though. Patty Neal tweets:

The 20-something protestors at WF have a drum circle! The customers are shouting at them "We love Whole Foods!"

By - 10/28/11 - 7:57 am reports that Mint, the New York-based car-rental service (as opposed to Mint, the personal-finance service or Mint, the coin-making service), has put some rental cars in the North End, to go along with its cars in downtown and Back Bay locations.

By - 10/27/11 - 5:48 pm

The state Architectural Access Board has ordered Converse to close its year-old store at 348 Newbury St. because the entrance does not comply with state accessibility regulations.

By - 10/27/11 - 8:37 am

Boston Granite Exchange, which is not actually based in Boston, has sued Greater Boston Granite, which is also not based in Boston, to get it to stop using that name.

In the lawsuit, filed in US District Court in Boston, Boston Granite Exchange accuses Greater Boston Granite of trademark infringement and says customers are already being confused by the similar names.

By - 10/26/11 - 8:19 pm

Channel 4 reports Daddy's Junky Music has shut all its stores.

By - 10/25/11 - 8:23 pm

Neither community opponents nor union picketers could stop it, the Jamaica Plain Gazette reports.