Theo Epstein

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Terry Francona, Mike Napoli, Andrew Miller and Coco Crisp or Theo Epstein, Jon Lester, John Lackey and David Ross?

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Chicago columnist welcomes Theo Epstein:

Epstein, see, has yet to win a Series without a juiced-up middle of the order. ...

I want Epstein to succeed. I'd love for the Cubs to win a World Series just to see whether that indeed marks the apocalypse.

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16WadeSt photographed one of Chuck Turner's supporters at City Hall today. Sullivan (the US Attorney for Boston) and Feeney (the city council president), we get. Ainsley, sorta (he's the Globe publisher). But Epstein, Kraft and Grousbeck? Is there some conspiracy among sports executives to keep Turner from speaking truth to power?

More photos from the rally, mostly of people who seemed a tad more rational.

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Sean Holland makes the case the problem with the Sox is not the players but a general manager dooming the team to second place because he is no longer able to make good personnel decisions:

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Basegirl sums up:

... It's not like the man never makes mistakes. I think we can all agree that the Renteria signing was, uh, not his finest hour. And he'll make mistakes again. But in the end, we're willing to overlook them because he's Theo. ...

Whether this is good or bad remains to be seen. But it is what it is. And Red Sox Nation will sleep a little more soundly knowing that King Theo has been reinstated in his rightful position. ...

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For this one post, Beth could change the name of her blog to Cursed to Worst, because she skewers know-it-all sportswriters who have to rain on the parade of happy Sox fans instead of actually trying to discover new facts:

... I want to know the conversations Theo had, with John Henry, with his friends and family, with a player on the team, perhaps? I want to have been a fly on the wall. I desperately want to know what happened.

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A lonely Nation no longer turns its eyes to you, Theo Epstein.

Charley on Blue Mass. Group: I don't know what he'll be doing, but I like having him around. Best sports news this winter.

Red Sox Soul:Welcome to Theopolis!

I can't WAIT to hear the new title, although I'm pretty sure it's not Larry's Bitch...

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Murray Chass declares: Lucchino: Just a Soul Who's Misunderstood.

Bruce wonders why a Times columnist would devote so much space to defending Larry. Part ownership of the Sox, perhaps? Bruce is willing to cut Chass a tiny bit of slack, but still, he asks you to imagine Gordon Edes writing a similar hagiography of George Steinbrenner. Hard to picture, no?

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The Professional Media Critic finally weighs in on Theogate. For the most part, Mark Jurkowitz's long piece tells you absolutely nothing you couldn't have read last week on, oh, Boston Sports Media Watch, although it could prove useful as a handout for new immigrants from Kansas or Mars who don't know why local sports fans keep cursing this Shaughnessy guy. Curiously, though, the one thought-provoking new idea comes all the way at the end, in the very last paragraph:

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Globe ombudsman Richard Chacon concludes his two-part overview of the relationship between the Red Sox and the Globe without once mentioning the whole Larry Lucchino/Dan Shaughnessy thing. And then there's the whole accepting-World-Series-rings thing, on which he backpedals.

Dan concludes:

His first column was respectful but tough. This one is, uh, respectful.

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Keeping his powder dry. In response to pleas to discuss Theogate and the role of the press, Mark writes, on his blog:

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Bruce sums it all up with a note on what he learned from Theo and John Henry:

All the things that were NOT reasons why Theo resigned.

Shots and Sheriff Sully provide the second-by-second commentary of the Theo press conference, along with some pre-conference notes:

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Dave and a correspondent debate what should be done about Dan Shaughnessy.

Note: If you're in an office today, you can hear Epstein's 1 p.m. press conference live at (free registration required). Read Bill Simmons's take beforehand.

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Bruce writes up the losers in the disappearance of Theo Epstein - pretty much everyone involved except for Theo and the Herald - and the unfortunate Globe beat reporters left to clean up after the Curly-Haired Boyfriend's mess: