By - 3/10/06 - 10:45 pm

Roxbury 18-year old waiting to enter party hears shots, then realizes he was shot. Taken to BMC for gunshot wound considered non life threatening.

25 Supple Rd.

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By - 3/10/06 - 9:45 pm

Derek WIlliams, 19, found with multiple gunshot wounds. Taken to BMC; listed in critical condition; died July 22.

9 Norwell St.

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By - 3/8/06 - 8:45 pm

Police say woman forced into car at gunpoint, driven to West Roxbury and raped, then released (note: Police did not release exact location on Dorchester Ave.).

Police lookng for a black male, mid-20's, 5'3" with braided black hair, black ink tattoo on left shoulder; spoke with an accent. Driving a blue or purple four-door Dodge Neon. Update: Hyde Park man arrested.

Dorchester Ave.

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By - 3/7/06 - 11:00 pm

Black male, about 35, flashed gun, demanded money.

Ran away wearing black baseball cap, black jacket.

1151 Washington St.

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By - 3/2/06 - 6:00 pm

Man says he was walking on Ames when he heard a gunshot and felt pain in his nose. Saw small red car flee.

Boston Medical Center doctor said wound to bridge of his nose caused by a BB pellet.

70 Ames Way

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By - 2/25/06 - 11:28 pm

Two suspects fled in red Pontiac.

Car spotted on Washington Street neard Codman Square; tried to flee police. Georgia man and Dorchester resident arrested.

Norfolk St.

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By - 2/25/06 - 9:47 pm

When would-be thief pointed a gun at a Wells Market clerk, the victim grabbed a milk crate and started threatening the suspect with it. The suspect fled out the door down Lonsdale Street toward Florida Street.

Junior Lubin, 25, of Dorchester, arrested shortly afterward.

1760 Dorchester Ave.

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By - 2/25/06 - 3:23 pm

Elderly man threw cup of hot coffee at concession stand when told he had to pay for it; coffee splashed worker in face. Perp fled (time estimated).

200 Mt. Vernon St.

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By - 2/24/06 - 4:19 pm

18-year-old male found suffering from a gunshot wound. Taken to Boston Medical Center with critical, but apparently not life-threatening, injuries.

Holworthy and Harold streets

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By - 2/23/06 - 3:48 pm

Four black males knock on door looking for somebody; then force door open, point gun at 18-year-old inside.

They take cell phone and video console. Pauliasky Francois, 19, of Mattapan, arrested and charged; other three still at large.

Greenwood St.

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By - 2/19/06 - 1:32 am

Man reports being stabbed from behind at Boston Bowl. Taken to Boston Medical Center by friends, suffering from injuries not considered life threatening.

800 Morrissey Blvd.

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By - 2/17/06 - 7:36 pm

36-year-old victim found with gunshot wounds to chest and leg; taken to Boston Medical Center.

Roxbury man, Carlton Richardson, 38, found on Blue Hill Avenue arrested in connection with the shooting - and on warrants from Lynn on motor-vehicle larceny and destruction of personal property charges.

1 Nazing Ct.

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By - 2/16/06 - 3:40 pm

All four taken to local hospitals with injuries not believed to be life threatening.

60 Clarkson St.

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By - 2/15/06 - 11:33 pm

Victim, of Dorchester, shot in right shoulder, taken to Boston Medical Center.

14 Woodbine St.

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By - 2/15/06 - 5:15 am

23-year-old man walking home from friend's house hit over head with unknown object by two suspects, who then took his backpack and kicked and punched him.

Taken to Boston Medical Center with head and neck injuries.

Crescent Ave.

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By - 2/14/06 - 12:32 am

Taken to Boston Medical Center with non-life threatening gunshot wound.

Dumas St. and Mountain Ave.

More info.

By - 2/10/06 - 8:53 pm

Boston EMS transported the victim to the Boston Medical Center where he was pronounced dead.

Quincy St. and Magnolia St.

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By - 2/10/06 - 7:40 pm

Philip Carver poetically salutes those who not only are OFDs, but who never left:

... The only thing that rivaled my youth here in Dot is the fact that I chose to remain in this spot.

The allure of moving to a bucolic town was always fleeting and quickly put down.

When I start to feel nostalgic for my youthful days, I walk to Tenean and try catching some rays.

Good, bad or indifferent I'm here for the long haul:

Dorchester has my heart and I have answered her call. ...

By - 2/9/06 - 9:21 pm

Victim found on sidewalk with multiple gunshot wounds; taken to a local hospital in critical condition.

4 Beale St.

More info.

By - 1/31/06 - 2:25 am

Police recover several spent rounds in frton of house, along with damage to outside walls and windows. No one injured.

29 Winston Rd.

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