By - 5/16/05 - 1:34 pm

The Cedar Grove Civic Association recently voted against the use of a local house as a group home for the mentally retarded. For shame, Christopher says:

By - 5/11/05 - 10:04 pm

Jodie gets e-mail from the tenant of John Beresford, the man murdered in the park he'd done so much to fix up:

... John and Adam were/are such great people and it breaks our heart to know this happened for only $40 in a purse.

By - 3/22/05 - 11:01 am

On the 375th anniversary of First Parish Church in Dorchester, Charles offers a history of the early days of the neighborhood - which was actually founded before Boston:

... Those who met in Plymouth, England to come to Dorchester were carefully selected: two ministers, two magistrates of the Massachusetts Bay Company, which had invested in the journey, several older men with adult families, and a group of single or just married men. In this last group we see the names that have stayed in Dorchester's history: Stoughton, Clap, Minot, Hall, Strong. Some men were chosen for their military experience. On March 20, 1630 this group elected the Reverends John Warham and John Maverick their leaders, and embarked on the Mary and John for America. ...

By - 3/14/05 - 10:25 pm

Charles shows you just can't always believe what you read. The Globe today printed an AP "This Day in History" blurb that the first town meeting in America was in 1743 in Faneuil Hall. In fact, the first town meeting was Oct. 8, 1633 in the town of Dorchester.