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By - 10/30/10 - 11:21 am

Mike Ball considers the case of the now convicted city councilor, concludes Chuck Turner fell victim to his own myth:

He has long been great on bluster as well as leveraging his race, age, class and whatever tools he finds lying around. Unfortunately the 70-year-old Harvard grad has often done so without those messy facts or provable details.

Turner will appeal the verdict,...Read more

By - 8/10/10 - 1:57 pm

No, not Matt Amorello. A local blogger. Christine Koh reports a Herald reporter called her yesterday to ask about that court ruling on maternity leave. By itself, no big deal, since she's pretty well known in local mommy-blogger circles. Except the reporter called her on her home phone number. The one she doesn't give out and which isn't even under her name,...Read more

By - 7/28/10 - 5:23 pm

The Herald is apologizing for writing Puerto Rican parade marred by shooting when the Sunday shooting took place a mile away from the parade through JP.

Ed. note: The Herald has changed the story, but you can still see the original headline by looking at the URL (same as you can here when I change a headline)....Read more

By - 7/20/10 - 3:31 pm

Kevin Convey to take over at New York Daily News. Convey replaced another editor who fled to New York; started with the Herald back in 1981 as a business writer.Read more

By - 7/15/10 - 5:23 pm

ArroyoThe not-yet-one-term at-large city councilor is already fundraising for next year's election, with a little help from the Herald. In a fundraising e-mail today, the Arroyo campaign dourly warns:

... Now he is under attack from the right wing media for keeping his promise to us. Their goal is obvious: stop Felix's momentum right

...Read more
By - 7/13/10 - 10:57 am

Herald adjacency

Back in the day, newspapers had employees who would check for "adjacencies" like this, because they knew the advertisers would refuse to pay for their ads. Looks like Pat Purcell owes Aer Lingus a do-over.

Tip o' the scally cap to the actual Herald reader who forwarded this....Read more

By - 7/9/10 - 11:25 am

The Herald reports today that Geoffrey's, which started out in the Back Bay and South End and then moved to Roslindale, is planning a second outlet, back in the Back Bay. Or as the Herald proclaims:

Geoffrey's Cafe preps for return to HubRead more

By - 6/23/10 - 1:25 pm

Got your attention, no?

The Boston Herald is rolling out a new feature on its website, this Friday.

The Friday Throwdown will be a unique, weekly event taking place in our Herald Square community. Each week, Boston Herald editors will select a topic for discussion on the Friday Throwdown. The topic will be posted on the web for readers to debate in a live chat,

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By - 6/12/10 - 11:33 am

Earlier this week, you may recall, Boston Police asked newspaper distributors to remove their boxes from areas where hopped-up Celtics revelers/mourners might be tempted to use them to put holes in plate-glass windows. The Phoenix reports the Boston DPW apparently thinks plastic boxes for free papers are more of a risk, because it sent crews out to remove them while leaving the potentially...Read more

By - 6/1/10 - 8:06 am

I wish I could figure out why the Boston Herald prints letters to the editor which are so mind-numbingly stupid that they leave the reader agape, his jaw dropped so far that it spills his morning coffee.

This morning's chestnut was Harry Shuris of Winchester, who derided the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission for, um, doing its job by recalling a novelty chair decorated...Read more

By - 4/12/10 - 9:25 am

Both the big local dailies wrote about an IRS processing center in Andover over the weekend. See if you can guess which paper wrote which story:

By - 3/17/10 - 10:33 am

A member of the band, that is, not the city, over Inside Track coverage of Brad Delp's suicide. Dan Kennedy rounds up the coverage.Read more

By - 3/16/10 - 10:42 am

The Herald takes a dim view of everything the Boston City Council has ever proposed, or something. Yeah, Steve Murphy's idea to stop roofies with sippy-cup lids was completely nuts, but that was three years ago, not this "season," as the Herald implies. How dare Rob Consalvo "take inspiration from Governing magazine." What a maroon! And Michael Flaherty's idea for buying snow-melting...Read more

By - 2/18/10 - 9:27 am

The Herald didn't get invited to a press conference at which Northeastern announced the end of football, so the Herald is retaliating by refusing to cover Huskies sports, including the successful basketball team.Read more

By - 2/16/10 - 12:45 pm

Adam Reilly surveys reaction to the Herald's shocking revelation that Amy Bishop played Dungeons and Dragons as a teen, just like Mucko McDermott and, um, Curt Schilling. He awaits the Herald's discovery of a third murderous D&D player, because as any ink-stained wretch knows, it's not officially a trend without three examples....Read more

By - 12/25/09 - 3:32 pm

The Herald and Channel 5 both had stories on their Web sites this morning claming that a Milton man found dead in a Quincy snowbank yesterday was a Southie boyo who ratted out Bulger when Bulger turned his back on the guy's family after he was sent to the stir. The stories (the Herald broke it, Channel 5 reported on it) were complete with loving...Read more