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The critic on legal movies, breakfast in Somerville and the art of writing

Doug Holder interviews Daniel Kimmel, the one-time Brookline movie critic who now lives in Ball Square.

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Rosebud "Cafe"? It's "Diner."

It's Jonathan "Winters." It's John "Cleese." It's also just "Buzz Aldrin" -- he legally changed his name, so it's not Edwin anymore (but, I'm sure a lot of people don't know that). I dunno, seeing three errors in one sentence kinda put up red flags.

And I guess he hasn't seen any "Star Wars" prequels. Maybe he should have asked Kimmel why he chose that title for his book, or at least looked it up. Then he wouldn't have sounded ignorant.

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not "The Common Ground". And The Godfather's author is Mario Puzo, not Mari.

One disadvantage of blogging platforms (including here at UHub) is that there is no proofreader or copy editor to intervene between writing and publication.

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