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For a change, something goes well on old Casey Overpass - no more shutdowns for repairs needed

Casey Overpass repaired

Casey all patched up. Photo by MassDOT.

Weekend road repair atop the crumbling Casey Overpass went so well the elevated road won't need to be shut for further repairs, the state Department of Transportation says. According to MassDOT spokesman Michael Verseckes:

The work on Saturday made full repairs to 15 spans and partial repairs to five more.

The overpass, slated to be torn down and replaced with surface roads, has 40 spans, he said. He added:

The original closure was scheduled to go from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. But we extended the work hours on Saturday and were able to finish all the work, including the paving.

Considering the bridge is at the end of its serviceable life, they really did a great job.



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Scary... Just scary

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had to drive over that way this weekend. For what is usually a brief 30 seconds over the overpass, it probably took a good 10-15 minutes to get through that "surface crossing", and I was heading towards Westie. The traffic going the other way was backed up all the way to the Arborway rotary, probably a good 30-60min backup.

But don't worry, traffic will be just fine without the overpass. Glad all the hippy bikers got their way, I wonder what the effect on response time for ambulances heading to the Faulkner will be, guessing not good.

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A sudden shutdown is NOT comparable to a permanent traffic pattern change, or are you being deliberately thick to cry for your own way? Traffic will easily reach an equilibrium point and find other ways, rather than having some induced demand elevated highway cutting through.

And this is nothing about "hippy bikers" seeing as "hippy bikers" would probably prefer to be grade separated from your pompous ass speeding around behind the wheel of a multi-ton hunk of steel.

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