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Logan employees arrested in cab bribery scheme

Five Massport workers were arrested today on charges they took bribes from cab drivers seeking to evade the airport's normal queue for passengers, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office, State Police and Massport announced.

Officials say the five "cab starters" let cabbies who slipped them $20 to $40 jump ahead of other drivers - although they add some of the five accepted scratch tickets, cigarettes and other items instead of money:

The procedure for taxi cabs operating at the airport is regulated such that drivers are supposed to report to the Taxi Pool, obtain a pool ticket, place that ticket on their dashboard, and line up in rows until dispatched to a terminal cab stand, which is staffed by a Ground Transportation Unit agent. The wait time until dispatch is on average an hour to an hour and a half, but can be longer if fewer passengers need cabs on a given day.

Drivers who fail to report to the Taxi Pool and instead report directly to a cab stand are known as "jumpers." The Ground Transportation Unit agents, or "starters," who man the cab stands are supposed to issue violations to drivers who undertake this practice. The defendants, in contrast, allegedly took bribes from drivers in exchange for allowing them to skip the wait in the Taxi Pool.

Cabbies told investigators the bribes let them pump up their daily airport earnings from $350 to $600 by not having to wait in line. Also:

The "starters" would allegedly steer higher-priced fares, such as those heading beyond Route 128, to "jumpers" who bribed them more.

Charged: Kenneth Clement of Attleboro, Michael Garvey of Melrose, Vadim Mkrtychev of West Roxbury, James Mulrey of Canton and Donald Potts of Medford. More workers could be arrested, officials say, adding they were aided by cab drivers who agreed to wear recording devices during the investigation.

Innocent, etc.

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Looks like some people are going to get sprayed with Pension-Be-Gone.

Massport's hideaway headquarters just north of Terminal A at Logan has (or had) a Herald machine inside the lobby, right next to the palm scanners, yes Mission Impossible / Tom Clancy level fantasy palm scanners, which you need to gain entrance beyond the security desk. My only question is how often do they have to windex off the Santarpio's / Spinelli's / Kelly's Roast Beef and scratch card residue that gets left on the scanners each day.

This agency, beyond the cleaning staff in the terminals, fire fighters, and plow people, is the Three Stooges at Country Club level of state government.

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Are you (expletive) kidding me? Their job (while necessary) is to ENSURE THE ORDER OF TAXI CABS! Who in their right mind believes that somebody needs to be bribed with being paid not to work for 20 years to do this job?

I'll walk around my bar tomorrow night and find five people just out of college who need the job that will replace these fired five. Of course, they might be more susceptible to bribery with their large student loan debts, but at least we don't have to incentivize them with pensions.

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News accounts report these individuals were paid around $63,000 per year.

I'll do it for $62,000!

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This has been going on since I drove a cab in 1980. And now they get around to it? I give it about a year before they're at it again.

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You're an incurable optimist, aren't you?

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It's a beautiful day in the Commonwealth,
A Beautiful Day for a bribe
Will you take mine, won't you take mine?
I have always wanted to have a briber just like you
I always wanted to live as a criminal like you
Let's make the most of this beautiful green
Since we're together, we might as well say...
Will you take mine, won't you take mine.. my briber!

(okay lame attempted at a joke)

Seriously, are we surprised.. its just another day in the commonwealth.

I Hope those cabbies lost their hackney tag for this.

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