That probably wasn't Tom Brady running down Boylston in a Speedo

Guy in a Speedo on Boylston Street in Boston

Arturo Gossage watched the annual SSRun through the Back Bay today, including this guy in a football helmet.

But, wait, is that other guy wearing a menurkey on his head?


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Of menorahs and menurkeys

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That's a menorah hat. There's nothing turkey-like about it. "Thanksgivukkah" refers to the overlap of Thanksgiving and Chanukah; we didn't change the name of Chanukah to Thanksgivukkah and we didn't change the word menorah into menurkey.

Now back to your regularly scheduled snark.

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Wonder if is going

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to follow up their multi-day "breaking news" coverage of the Speedo-fest in a week with coverage of all those participating in this "event" that have since contracted hypothermia.

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