As bees swarm, carpenter springs into action

Bees in their new home in Somerville

Hudson Street bees enter their new home.

When Peter Montague heard about the bee swarm on Hudson Street in Somerville yesterday, he knew just what to do.

Montague, a graduate of the North Bennet Street school who teaches residential construction at YouthBuild Just-A-Start, whipped out some wood and tools and built an impromptu beehive.

And as you can see from the photo, it worked.

Wrangled a swarm of bees yesterday off of Hudson Street! It was crazy fun! Bees everywhere. Trying to get their papers today so they can be official Somerville bees.


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So what are we seeing in that

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So what are we seeing in that picture — the bees are on what? We've got some bees to wrangle, too, and I'd love to know Montague's solution.

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Good Save!

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He saved the bees and the neighbors all at once.

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