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MBTA hires big-city transit pro to oversee Green Line extension

Of course, he doesn't come cheap, but at least maybe now the feds will stop fretting about they were thinking of throwing our way for the project.


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if you want to get an experienced, top-notch person to do this, you have to pay a salary that's competitive with what they can make in industry (where re-location bonuses are also standard - if you recruit someone, you don't expect them to pay for the move). Of course it's out of line with state salaries, but it will save money in the long run if you get someone who knows what they're doing.

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His annual salary is reported to be $280K.

In 2015, the MBTA has four people who received higher gross pay (i.e., before deductions). The highest was $327K. There was a lot overtime involved.
None had the responsibility level of managing extension of a light rail line.


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Color me pleasantly surprised. The previous post's comment section, people were placing bets that Baker would drag his feet and run out the clock. Giving him a plausible excuse to cancel the project. I said nothing as I cannot do anything but quietly nod that there may be some truth.

We're not in the clear yet, but the fact he was hired and hired fast is a good sign to me for hope.

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I'm glad to be wrong :-)

Assume the worst, get the best I say...

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do the same for the entire system...

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AGGGHGHGHGHGHGHGH!!!!!!!!! WTF??????????????

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I found a reference in the Chicago Tribune that listed Mr. Dalton as the third highest user among CTA executives. In 2006, he rode the trains a total of 1,176 times — that's an average of 3.2 times a day!

The Tribune obtained a list of 95 Chicago Transit Authority executives at the general manager level and above, and seven of its board members to observe whether they ride CTA buses and trains. Of the 95 employees listed, only 35 rode the CTA more than 500 times in 2006.


1. Terry Levin VP, Customer Service & Training 1,434
2. Angela Moore Special Assistant to the President 1,282
3. John Dalton GM, Construction 1,176
93. Terry Shinnick GM, Enterprise Systems Services 13
94. Robert Levine GM, Project Control, Construction 5
95. Marina Popovic Deputy General Counsel, Corporate 0

Source: CTA Chicago Tribune

As we've all said so many times, the will only get better when the people in charge are using it themselves. Although he's been hired just for the GLX project, it's an encouraging step in the right direction.

Welcome to Boston, Mr. Dalton — Best Wishes and Good Luck to you!
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