City Council candidates debate East Boston issues

Mary Berninger reports on an East Boston focused candidate forum the other night for the three candidates for the District 1 seat Sal LaMattina is giving up - Lydia Edwards, Margaret Farmer and Stephen Passacantilli

Two of the three will be selected in the September preliminaries to compete in the November final election for the two-year seat, which also represents Charlestown and the North End.



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The city doesn’t tow cars in

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The city doesn’t tow cars in Charlestown for street cleaning, why do East Boston cars get towed?

The city stopped towing in Charlestown two years ago calling it a "pilot". How is it still in "pilot" status? It seems like they should either tow everywhere, or nowhere.

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Top 10 East Boston current

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Top 10 East Boston current issues

1) Eastie needs a Starbucks
2) Where did these yuppies get $950k to buy these
Condo's at slip65
3) I see more suburban white people wearing Harvard tea shirts walking the streets of Eastie.
4) There are no more Joeys, Vinnys, or Tony's hanging on Eastie's street corners.
5) Build a parking garage underneath Boston harbor , this will ease the parking crunch in Eastie.
6) Tear down liberty plaza and build more luxury housing.
7) Where are the uber boats??
8) Bus route from Eastie to Goverment center would be nice
9) Morning traffic in Eastie is bad enough, bring back the toll booths to fix the problem.
10) When will the construction of central Sq be completed

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