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But were you dreaming of a white Christmas with THUNDERSNOW?

Whiteout in Beverly

Doble Enganche looked out his window in Beverly at 9:58 a.m.

Reports came in of thundersnow across the region, well, from Jamaica Plain to Needham, at any rate, which is good enough to bring back this immortal Jim Cantore song from the first 2015 blizzard.

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Nawww ... Just a little backfire from Santa's sleigh.

Or was that a sonic boom?

Hope that your Christmas (or Christmas Day Off) was merry ... bright came in the afternoon.

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My spouse and I were debating whether it was just a plow dropping its blade momentarily. Good to get corroboration on this. :-)

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Definitely thundersnow in Somerville.

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I thought I saw lightning and was confused for a bit, doubting my eyes until the thunder came. Definitely cool!

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