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It's enough to give you chills: Signal problems at Forest Hills

The MBTA reports delays of up to 10 minutes on the Orange Line due to signal problems at Forest Hills. Lauren Picone wishes to have a word with the T about its timekeeping:

Orange Line delays are MORE than 10 minutes. I have been sitting at Forest Hills for at least 10 minutes. Can you please get the trains moving, or, failing that, at least update your incorrect information? These delays are SEVERE.



My Orange Line pulled into North Station and the conductor suggested that we might want to switch to the Green Line, as it may be a while. Switched to the exquisite hell that is the Green Line in the morning (why does it take 4 minutes to load/unload at every single stop) and learned on Twitter that my old Orange Line train pulled out a minute later.

I wonder if, since it's campaign season, every time anything gets fixed (well, at least band-aided enough to work for another hour) they have to wait for Charlie to come down in a limo to pose for a ribbon-cutting on the fixed equipment.

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at every single stop. Too many people, too few trains. Not to mention that, with the exception of Park Street westbound, they refuse to double berth trains on platforms that can accommodate a pair of two-car trains at the same time.

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I just got to work after a not pleasant ride from Forest Hills. The delays are more like 20+ minutes.

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Almost felt bad for blasting them to the extent I did.


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I have been tweeting them daily for 37 weeks now as my CR train is late every day. I figure I will do it for a full year b/c what the heck - I'm stuck on the train as it is.

I've gotten one response during this time. It was to tell me that the train was actually on time that day and that they pulled into BB a minute earlier. They then explained how they are all synced to naval time so my watch must be wrong. I let them know i was on naval time too and to brag that they were on time once wasn't really a good look.

The T pads their on time % which is a huge issue. Us regular folk know if we show up anywhere from 5-20 minutes after the expected time that we are late. The T lives in a parallel universe that doesn't consider 10 minutes late...that's on time to them.

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