New Red Line car floats like a cloud in the streets of Southie

Shamus Moynihan captured a Red Line mock-up car in South Boston today, probably on its way from the dock (at which it arrived from China) to the Red Line yard (don't worry, the actual cars will be bigger).



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Why aren't mock ups full size?

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The Rotem cars, the new Orange Line cars, and now the new Red Line cars all have 1/2 to 1/3 length mock ups. When USDOT was promoting the SOAC (State Of The Art Car) as a universal rapid transit car in several cities, including Boston, in the 2970s, they had a ful sized mockup.

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Ahhh......The 2970's. What a

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Ahhh......The 2970's. What a decade. Who could forget the Boston Red Shocks winning 5 straight Robo Ball championships or the "Boston Miracle" when the city went a whole summer without an alien invasion. I of course am referring to Boston, Indiana because Massachusetts was swallowed by the Atlantic Ocean many centuries before.

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Anyone remember Proptronics? The realistic looking fake things in furniture stores?


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Ikea has these still!

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I don’t wanna hear your

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I don’t wanna hear your excuses! The train has to least three times bigger than this!

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