Trees plunge

Fallen tree on West Concord Street in the South End

This tree fell onto West Concord Street at Newland Street in the South End this morning, according to a 311 report.



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Why do people go out with their pets in this weather :(

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When trees and poles are falling down and there is barely a safe/even path to walk why make your poor pup go through that? Yes, I am sure Frodo loved the snow, but it just doesn't seem like the safest conditions to have your dog in

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Because Frodo is too short to reach the toilet and doesn't know how to flush.

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And that

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Is why I don’t want my family to buy a dog.

That said, walking a few blocks around Boston in a blizzard is not the most dangerous thing one can do.

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Get out and enjoy it

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Heck I did it with my toddler in the backpack carrrier. All involved were happier for the fresh air. And as long as you stay on the sidewalks and don’t go nuts I’m pretty sure it’s safe enough. It’s just not worth cooping yourself up all winter when you live in a cold region.

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Do you know where Labrador is?

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The "lab" in "yellow lab", "chocolate lab" and "black lab" stands for LABRADOR.

These dogs were bred to swim out and retrieve nets in all weather conditions.

They have no issues with snow. In fact, they roll in it, tunnel in it, and frolic in it.

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Replacement car side mirrors more profitable than Bitcoin?

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After seeing the photo of this tree damaging the side mirror, police blotter reports of hit and run crashes taking off mirrors, and our too narrow roads narrowed more by snow, I need to buy stock in companies who make replacements that can cost $700 or more.

Yes, $700 for heated, auto-dim, motorized, integrated turn signals, pavement light, auto back-up tilt down. I suppose paying even more for the parking auto fold in or up feature is worth it.

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Insurance Adjuster

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This guy's insurance adjuster is probably shaking his head, amazed at how little damage this car got after a day of visiting crushed wrecks and totalling them out.

Here - have your check to fix it. And buy a lottery ticket, too!

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