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No more Indian buffet in Roslindale

Shanti, 4197 Washington St., in Roslindale Square, has ended its lunch buffet and is now only open for dinner. People who need some midday curry and naan will need to get to either Himalayan Bistro on Centre Street in West Roxbury or Tikki Masala in Forest Hills.



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I ate there I walked out with a fantastic case of delhi belly.

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This was a really good buffet. Sad to see it gone and hope they bring it back at some point.

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This was our daughter's favorite meal! She loved the "Rice & (Tandoori) Chicken". We thought it was very good too. :(

House of Tandoor in Newton just opened and has a pretty good weekend buffet, so I guess we'll be going there now.

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Shanti makes the best chicken korma I have ever had

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How is an Indian restaurant without a lunch buffet even possible.

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