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Orange Line commute getting long due to a Wellington swan song

NealG reports:

That’s a new one, Orange Line motorwoman on train at Back Bay: “attention passengers, this train will be standing by due to a distraught swan in the right of way near Wellington Station."

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Obviously (s)he saw all of the attention that turkeys get here at Universal Hub and decided to get in on the action. Plus a bonus point for "fowling" up the T in the process...


Wait are we sure that is just not one of the random service outage messages from that MBTA randomizer tool, because it sure sounds like it!

The idea that an MBTA employee evaluated a swan's emotional state and came up with "distraught" and then passed that message along cracks me up no end. It shouldn't be that funny, but there you go.

Hopefully the swan has been brought to a more stable state of mind.

[Edit: didn't mean to reply to John Pelletier's post in particular]

That could cause delays on the Orange Line, I don't think anybody had "distraught swan" on the list.

One of the oft-overlooked joys of living around here is the general level of education. Our newspapers (multiple, still) are daily and aren't afraid of multiple syllables. Vocabularies aren't limited to fourth grade primers. The word "distraught" can be used with an expectation it will be understood.

Yeah the weather can suck and it can be painfully expensive to live here and the locals aren't superficially friendly but at least it's not a daily grind of proudly ignorant.

There's another swan directly behind this one.


During the Herring Run and Paddle on the Mystic River last weekend, a swan defending the space around his mate and giantass nest was attacking paddlers as they raced through. Knocked one paddle boarder off his board!

They get this way when there are eggs and chicks to defend. Very nasty birds!