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When you're really thirsty ...

Squirrel getting a drink from the Boston Public Garden lagoon

A squirrel held on tight as she got a drink from the Public Garden lagoon this afternoon.




Where’s Elmer when we need him?

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Asquirrable. Magoo.

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Although I do remember seeing a squirrel chasing a student near the pond at UMass Amherst many years ago. The guy kept yelling "Go away!!! Go away!!!"

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I went to a college in Illinois (wanted to get away from my South Shore town) and they wanted name the mascot of the school to the Fighting Squirrels because the campus squirrels attacked.

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How do you sex a squirrel from a side profile?
Or do you merely rely on the photographer's abilities and reportage?
I expect due diligence! Another source!
Or is this merely an equitable randomized application of a gendered pronoun?

I am not studying gender variances in drinking habits in urban grey squirrels, but if I get a large grant, I might.

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First, I took the photo. I have no idea what gender the thing is, because, no, I'm not a Sciuridae expert, but as I wrote this one-sentence post, I thought, hmm, since I don't know the wee beast's gender, might as well go with "she" as "he," because why not, and "it" just seems too impersonal for our furry little friend there and I'm not yet ready to commit to "they," at least when it comes to squirrels who, I'm assuming, don't have Twitter feeds on which to specify their preferred pronouns, and, congrats, I have now written far more on my use of a pronoun than on the subject of the photo.

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