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DA: Man was murdered when he tried to break up a fight in Maverick Square on Christmas Eve

Kerwide Barthelemy died from a stab wound to the stomach after he tried to break up a fight between two men in Maverick Square around 9 p.m. on Dec. 24, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office said today.

Barthelemy's alleged murderer, Steven Hatfield, 36, was arraigned in East Boston Municipal Court today. Judge John McDonald ordered Hatfield held without bail.

According to the DA's office, police only had to go around the corner to go to find Hatfield after he ran from the scene near the Burger King, outside of which police found Barthelmy.

Mr. Hatfield, who had blood on his clothing from the attack, fled into his South Bremen Street apartment building. Inside the building, he began to yell and behave in a manner that prompted the building’s security guard to call police. Boston Police who responded to the stabbing also arrived at the building after learning that the assailant resided there.

Hatfield is scheduled to return to court Jan. 28.

Innocent, etc.


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Don't ever try to break up fights. These days, you shouldn't even let them see you look at them. Just walk away and leave it to the police.

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An awful way to die. Just trying to keep others from getting hurt.

I’ve seen more than one nasty fight in front of that Burger King but none with weapons.

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His girlfriend is pregnant. Why why hurt a man who’s trying to help

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Blessed are the peacemakers.

A person brave enough to step in to stop a fight deserves great respect.
Virtue can be costly and is rare and should be recognized..

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