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Norwood Hospital setting up special tent outside ER for possible future coronavirus testing; Medford reports first case

The Norwood Health Department and Norwood Hospital announced tonight that the hospital tomorrow will erect a tent outside its emergency room to handle any future testing of residents with possible Covid-19 infection.

The two has had at least two Covid-19 cases - a resident who works at Biogen and town General Manager Tony Mazzucco, who apparently contracted it from the resident at a benefit party that resulted in 28 other people also being told to self quarantine.

Meanwhile, officials in Medford report that city's first confirmed Covid-19 case. Officials said they could not identify where the resident may have contracted the virus, but said it "there is a high degree of certainty that this was related to an event known to public health officials that has resulted in several presumptive positive tests for the illness," which, come on, pretty much narrows it down to, oh, a meeting that a local pharmaceutical company held at a local hotel (hint).



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