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Two won't let coronavirus stop them from opening new cafes in Jamaica Plain, Back Bay

Licensing Board meets on Zoom

The licensing board held its first Zoomed hearings last week.

The Boston Licensing Board last week approved plans for a bakery cafe in one of the new residential buildings on Washington Street in Jamaica Plain and a cafe and lemonade stand on Newbury Street.

Both Meg Crowley, who was granted a food-serving license for Third Cliff Bakery & Cafe in the new Vita building at 3531 Washington St. in Jamaica Plain, and Tracy Casavant, who was granted a similar license for her Bittersweet Shoppe, at 257 Newbury St., said they they still plan to open, although with reduced hours and, naturally, with takeout service only.

Both had been selling food at local farmers' markets - Crowley baked goods she made at the Commonwealth Kitchen for culinary startups, from her "roving bakery on a tricycle" and Casvant lemonade - and both wanted to expand into more permanent quarters.

Crowley hopes to eventually offer a complete bakery/cafe menu - and to eventually open a 10-seat patio.

Casavant plans an "old fashioned soda fountain" that will also serve gourmet coffee and, in nice weather, lemonade, which people will eventually be able to enjoy on her 8-seat patio. For now, she will offer "picnic-style food" that people can take with them.

The mayor's office supported both proposals, at the board's first Zoom meeting. The Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council backed Crowley's plans.

At the meeting (from left to right, top to bottom): Board Executive Secretary Lesley Delaney Hawkins, board Chairwoman Kathleen Joyce, board member Keeana Saxon, attorney Dennis Quilty (there for another matter), Crowley, JP Neighborhood Council member Michael Reiskind, attorney Kristen Scanlon (on another matter) and Casavant.



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I am sure you (Adam) are happy. You now don't have to sit in that bunker and can go to meetings in your sweats. :-)

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Based on some folks' backgrounds in the meeting, looks like the city sprung for a Zoom license that allows for backgrounds, so if I attend one of the meetings remotely, I have to think of what sort of background I'd want (cheery kidlet suggested an engraving from the Bussey Street train disaster in Roslindale).

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If someone joins with the Nite Bright image will it count as a zoom bombing?

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