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Hibernian Hall could get new neighbors - in a residential building next door

Rendering of 190 Dudley St.

Rendering by Hresko Associates.

The owner of a pair of small storefronts on Dudley Street, next to Hibernian Hall on Dudley Street has filed plans to replace the one-story structures with a five-story building with 28 residential units.

Mohammad Masud and Rina Akter, who bought the properties in 2019, say the $10.4-million building will have ground-floor commercial space, as well as room for 44 bicycles, in a filing with the BPDA.

The residential units will be split between one- and two-bedroom units.

A vertical garden will be installed on the building wall where self-supporting plant and leaf climbers that are rooted in a soil planter that will be able to grow on a webnet or modular trellis system that will be attached to the exterior wall.

This creates an aesthetically dynamic façade that will be visible from the prominent corner of Dudley and Winslow Street, and it will assist in creating a highly efficient building envelope, minimizing heat/cooling loss, and reducing rainwater runoff.

The developers hope to begin construction this fall, with occupancy by the end of 2022.

The proposal is the latest in a series of developments transforming Nubian Square. In addition to projects already under way or completed, over the past year, developers have filed plans for:

190 Dudley St. filings and calendar.


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I imagine the fish and chips shop on the first floor won't be coming back. That shop was once upon a time Spinelli's "Home of the Spukie". "Spukies" are different from "Subs" in that they used that hard flaky roll. Mr. Spinelli called his more traditional Subs "Torpedos".

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