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Man charged with murder for six-person shooting in Dorchester that left woman dead

Boston Police report arresting and charging a Brockton man for the Aug. 9 murder of Aisha Shephard on Irma Street in Dorchester.

Indrick Rubin, 37, was charged with murder and unlawful possession of a firearm, police say. Police did not say if Rubin will be charged with the five other shootings on Irma Street early that day, but said their investigation is continuing.

Boston murders in 2021.

Innocent, etc.

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This is truly a shock to me. We both attended High School together. I first met her at the City on a Hill charter school back when it's was on Huntington Ave in the YMCA building back in 1998. She was such a down to earth person. Always keep it 100 with everyone. We later both transfer to Brighton High where we graduated in 2001. Graduation was the last time I seen her before I went off to college. Damn, this one really hurts. Rest in Peace to Aisha and much condolences to her family.

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and to you. Sorry that you have to bear such awful news.

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Yea Aisha was really cool. Very nice person. I’ll miss her calls and texts asking when I’m coming to see her. This guy might be lucky he got caught because a lot of people in the city were hurt by this one.

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