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Not quite the waiting room in Beetlejuice, but ...

Line outside the CharlieCard store at Downtown Crossing

Around noon, Massmikmouse photographed the scene outside the CharlieCard store in the Downtown Crossing/Park Street Corridor of Doom:

Two people working at the window, 30 people in line, it’s hot, and I am disabled trying to replace my TAP pass. This might not end well.



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I asked an employee how many employees work at the Charlie Card store? She responded about two out of ten not counting the cop who is on their phone hiding out in the corner..

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I was a few people in front of this pic and there for the same reason. I was actually impressed by how quickly the line moved based on the ppl and how friendly staff were. The gentleman who came out to help was off the charts friendly.

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After being in line for over a half hour (and just about fainting), I was able to renew my TAP. However, the sign indicating the reduced hours was only near the door of the office. Which just about caused a riot.

I just got off the phone with MBTA customer service, explaining there were many people with disabilities and medical issues wasting away in that line with barely any air to breathe. She was very sorry and courteous, but had no way to fix the immediate problem.

Stay classy, MBTA. You can update any sign that says Dudley to Nubian literally overnight but you can't find a way to make the customer service experience at the Charlie Card Store a bit less traumatic.

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Yeah, six months ago, on my third visit to the store (the first having been when it was closed, the second having been when the large, prominent sign said it would be open but the much smaller “reduced hours” sign said it wouldn’t, I spoke with the manager and pointed out that for the cost of a sheet of paper and a piece of tape he could cover the prominent, incorrect sign that displays the incorrect Charlie store hours, and save people a lot of aggravation. Glad to see they got right on that. He had the typical “It would be so much easier to run this business if it weren’t for the inconvenience of having to take care of customers” attitude I often observe in T management.

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The Boston Underground is Depressing

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