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Three Egleston Square residents buy Ula Cafe

Kelly Fernandes, Marvin Mathelier and Beth Santos announced today they've purchased Ula Cafe in the Brewery Complex on Amory Street in Jamaica Plain.

The three, all residents of Egleston Square, bought the cafe from Rik Kleinfeldt and Paula Anderson, who put it up for sale in April, after having owned it themselves since 2016.

We are three passionate Egleston Square residents with a big love of wholesome food, fair + equitable coffee and connected community. We're absolutely thrilled to be taking up ownership of one of our most favorite cafes and to make it even more a cornerstone of the JP/Rox community than it already is.

With our own roots in Cape Verde, Haiti and Portugal, we hope to bring to Ula some of the values we're hoping to see from Boston as a whole:

diverse and inclusive
wholesome + organic
fair + equitable
hyper local when possible
while also infusing the many global cultures represented in our neighborhood.


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Happy memories of it when it started and I lived right behind it. Not too many people left. My family moved there in 1951.

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What is Egleston Square?

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...is your friend. You love to prove your username, lol.

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So proud! #eggyhead

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Great news. Especially love to see a Marine involved. Good luck to them.

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