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Two charged for October murder near Ross Playground in Hyde Park; one was once charged for gang murder for which his brother pleaded guilty

Boston Police report arresting two men on murder charges for the Oct. 10 shooting death of Trevon Sands on Ayles Road in Hyde Park.

Pierre Valbrun, 20, of Roxbury, and Jonathan Thebaud, 32, of Brockton, were both arrested Wednesday evening, police say.

Thebaud was one of four people charged with a murder at a July 4th party in Randolph in 2007. His younger brother, Jean-Marie, just 17 at the time of the death, pleaded guilty in 2009 to firing the fatal shot to earn "stripes" in the Hyde Park Westies gang and as retribution for the 2004 shooting of a Westies member - and a Thebaud cousin - at a Hyde Park party in 2004. He is now serving a life sentence.

Before Jean-Marie Thebaud pleaded guilty, prosecutors dropped murder charges against Jonathan Thebaud and the other two men for lack of evidence.

Sands's murder was part of a series of gun-related incidents in and near Ross Playground last year: In July, a man was charged with threatening two people with a gun on Reddy Avenue, a month after another man was charged with threatening four people with a gun near the park.

Innocent, etc.



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