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Why, yes, the L Street Bathhouse renovation project is way overdue

And embroiled in legal actions, as the Dorchester Reporter reports.

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What happened during the due diligence period ? Title exam came back a mess with mechanics liens? What does the AIA contract detail? Who's the lending institution? Fix it! Clear it up and close!

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Has that reopened yet after three years of dormancy? I saw some delivery vehicles out front the other day but hadn't seen any formal news.

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I operate the in-house non-profit at Roslindale.

The building closed due to a broken main supply line to the sprinkler system near the roof. That flooded out the whole building forcing major work. Ceilings collapsed tearing out vent lines and light fixtures. Imagine a building that was hit by a tornado. This is a close second. Initially the plan was for repairs but upon further examination far more work was needed, triggering the implementation of current code requirements that changed after the last gut-and-build back in 2007. This required all new vent systems, zone controls, a whole new HVAC control system, wall repairs, and all new ceilings and floors. The gym floor that had just been replaced and repairs by the Boston Celtics and their business partners also had to be replaced.

Due to the extent of damages insurance and capital repair funds were not enough, so the building was moved up on the building renovation list to allow for the next budget year's monies to help cover the cost.

The pandemic closures hit 3 weeks after the flood and that also stopped all city operations while they adjusted to working from home, so all operations for bids and contract processing was greatly delayed. When the contractor moved-in late 2020 they discovered additional issues and had to file a change order. That triggered another review of the costs and pushed out the start date.

Most of the actual physical work didn't start until March of 2021, a full year later while waiting for approvals and contracts to be modified and signed. By that July, the additional monies became real when the new fiscal year started.

Repairs were completed in 2022 but now the problem is a supply chain issue for replacement furniture. Some has been delivered and some is still on back order, so there is no place for staff to set up and work. Also per my understanding some of the former staff either transferred to other buildings and some took retirement. The administrator at the Menino/Archdale Center also retired causing a shift in management staff. This compounded by a citywide staffing shortage in some departments.

Curley is not the only building closed. Some BCYF facilities are also operating on cutback hours. Flaherty pool for example is closing early on Mondays and Saturdays due to the statewide lifeguard shortage.

Where are all the people to fill these jobs? Well let's remember that statewide over 21-thousand people have died with a majority of that in dense population areas such as Greater Boston. The city, like the MBTA is having similar issues trying to staff necessary positions, and is still developing an opening plan to deal with restoring services to the public.

No, I'm not happy.

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I knew it was seriously impacted by the pandemic but it's obviously a huge shame that the whole entity basically needs to be rebooted staffing-wise. We had a very positive experience with the afterschool there back a million years ago.

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Where's James Michael Curley when you need him?

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This never would have happened in old Southie.

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