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Citizen complaint of the day: East Boston grumpy gus locking gate to Jeffries Point walkway

Locked gate at Jeffries Point

The locked gate in question, as seen from the Porzio Park side.

An irritated citizen files a 311 complaint about an unneighborly neighbor in East Boston's Jeffries Point:

At the very far east end of Sumner Street in East Boston, there is a gate that has been locked since Thursday morning. This gate is always open as it allows ADA access to the harbor walk, as well as access for bikes and strollers. There is a man in the neighborhood who constantly closes this gate, and now he has put a lock on it. I do not believe any official (from MassPort or the local police or parks) put the lock. Please have some come remove the lock and open the gate as it is blocked ADA access and is creating a hazard for those who use mobility support, bikes and strollers.



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but it does look like bikes or strollers could potentially cut around the gate to the right in that picture (although not super easily with a larger stroller or bike and with some curb-jumping potentially required).

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Accessing the curb cut from there is likely impossible for someone using a mobility device: the street lamp placement right next to the gate blocks entry to the curb cut, meaning that you'd have to navigate all the way up to the driveway curb cut half a block away, over rough bricks (and possibly using private property in the process; not entirely clear to me). I think that there's a reasonable claim that the gate being closed is an ADA violation given that.

(Also, as you say, ADA access is just one reason this should be open; neighborhood randos shouldn't be installing their own locks on gates on public property.)

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Depending on how narrow your wheeled vehicle is, it’s possible. 2 wheel bike, no problem if walked. Horses, maybe, if not gate shy.
Strollers and walkers, maybe….

Not possible for ADA vans or emergency vehicles.

There is a senior center nearby. Many elders, young children and disabled use the park and the Harbor Walk. A shame to deny them access.

I doubt this guy is the city appointed keeper of gate. Maybe there is trouble with loud late night parties and cars and his complaints fall on deaf ears so he took matters upon himself?
Maybe something completely different?
Hope that lock is removed ASAP if it impedes emergency vehicles and other vehicles with legitimate access. Sometimes 311 moves quickly depending on the agency responsible. Sometimes…..

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Looking here, it looks like wheelchairs coming down the sidewalk would go right a bit, then go through where the posts are to get into the park.

Coming from Marginal Street might be a bit of work for wheelchair users, but not impossible. Having the gate prevents vehicular access, so perhaps a slight design change could help.

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...to put in another post for the gate to be locked to open.

or use any of those security cameras the city and state keep wasting our tax dollars on to figure out who it is, and have an officer threaten to cite him for blocking a public way, tampering with municipal equipment, obstructing emergency vehicles...

When are cops going to do anything other than just sit in their cruisers at construction sites? Boston PD is useless.

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And the reason for the gate?

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It's wide enough of a path that a pickup could go down. The point of the cut is so that maintenance trucks can go down. The gate is to prevent all other vehicles from doing the same.

I will admit that I took a trip down memory lane via google street view and this gate. Closed in 2007, then open in every shot until 2022. Whichever government agency oversees the park would be the one to decide whether is should be open or closed.

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Bolt cutters aren't very expensive, especially if you can get neighbors to pitch in.

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These swing arm gates are designed in such a manner that Bolt Cutters are useless. The lock is underneath the gate arm and up inside a steel cowling such that there is no way to reach the lock. If you want to cut something the only thing you can access is the large pin to which the lock is attached but it is far top large for bolt cutters. You would need a hack saw or even better a battery operated cut off wheel/grinder. At that point you would be damaging the gate and engaging in vandalism.

For better public access while still preventing people from driving cars down this pathway, a locked removable bollard or two in the center of the path would be better than a gate.

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Most padlocks are pretty shitty.

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