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North End to get new community center

Mayor Wu and state Rep. Aaron Michlewitz this week announced the city will build a new community center next to the Mirabella Pool on Commercial Street.

The state is giving the city $25 million toward the roughly $50 million to $60 million project, which will include modernizing the current Nazzaro Community Center for continued community use.

Detailed planning for the new community center will start this year and will include sessions for the public to say just what they'd want in a modern community center.



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But between this and the Clougherty pool in Charlestown which has the townie moms clutching their pearls and granny panties, wtf is up with spending so much $$$ on seasonal pools?

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The pools give people a place to go swimming.

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As much as anyone else but this expenditure seems excessive

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Bike Lanes. They are not free.

It’s not only about your likes. BPS pools were a wonderful thing for me and a lot of my friends when we were kids.

Your dismissive and pathetic attitude towards the woman of Charlestown and their wants shows your continued puerile nature with the opinions of others.

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Can barley stay open with the lack of lifeguards. That’s might have something to do with it.

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… could backfire on your argument.

But it’s a free country.

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50 to 60 million dollars is hard for me to wrap my head around. What is that per square foot?

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