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24-unit condo building proposed for Saratoga Street in East Boston

Rendering of proposed 944 Saratoga St.

Rendering by Embarc.

A developer has filed plans with the BPDA for a five-story, 24-unit condo building on what is now a vacant lot at 944 Saratoga St., next to Noyes Playground and to another condo building that went up a few years ago.

The building proposed by developer John Conley of Marlborough would have three studios, thirteen one-bedroom, and eight two-bedroom units. Five of the units, or roughly 21% of the total, would be sold as affordable according to the filing. The ground floor would include a co-working space open to the public.

The building, near the Orient Heights T stop, would have 11 parking spaces.

Because the building would sit in an area that could flood in a storm as sea-levels rise, plans show a number of steps to ensure the building's "resiliency," including keeping the ground-level garage open so that water can flow through it, waterproofing key areas of the interior, some with materials particularly resistant to salt water and installing water sensors at the bottom of the elevator shaft that would prevent the elevator from descending into water during a flood. Bins for package deliveries would be built higher than the maximum expected flooding and the co-working space would have slots for quick installation of flood barriers.

Conley estimates the $10-million project would take 18 months to complete once the city grants approval.

944 Saratoga St. filings.

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is not enough parking spaces for a 24 bit building. Once they sell the parking spaces the remaining units will be very difficult to sell. FB marketplace is full of people looking for parking.

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It's got tons of bike parking, and is 5 minutes from a T Station on foot. One of the many things more in demand in Boston than parking spaces are places to live. They'll sell.

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the same as every other development or is it just the renderings?

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This seems like one of those “community benefit” add-ons that developers have to do to satisfy the city that no one actually uses. Personally, I’d rather have cheaper housing rather than stuff like this that increase costs for little gain.

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There are a lot of "community rooms" that sit gathering dust in apartment buildings and at least one bank in Dot which take up a lot of space which could be another unit (Not in the bank of course).

They are not all unused. There is going to be a Haitian museum in public space at Lovejoy Wharf soon and the West End Museum was a mandated public benefit.

I like NYC's idea of instead of a "community room" that if there need to be an allocation of space, it is given over to a local historical society or something like the Poetry House. Good workable space for non-profits over a place which will get used once a month if that.

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Lots of stories, right up to the street with no setback, build it!

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