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The Ted's getting all flamey; car bursts into flames

Car on fire inside the Ted Williams Tunnel

Around 9:30 a.m., a car erupted into flames inside the eastbound Ted Williams Tunnel in South Boston, less than a day after a two-alarm, three-car conflagration in the tunnel leading from the northbound Tip O'Neill Tunnel to the Ted Williams.

The tunnel's ventilation system worked as designed, pulling up the smoke and sending out the large tunnel building on Summer Street.

Unlike yesterday's fire, which went to two alarms and shut the tunnel for more than six hours, this was a much smaller blaze - firefighters were able to knock it down in about ten minutes.

Roving UHub photographer Mike Anderson captured the flames just before firefighters arrived (ed. note for the picky: Although you can't tell from the cropped photo above, Anderson was sitting in the passenger seat).

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I like my beer cold, my tv loud and my Ted Williams tunnel fuh-laming