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Alleged West Roxbury bank robber was on probation after serving a 20-year sentence for armed home invasion


A federal magistrate judge today ruled Wolf Fevrier of Roslindale both a potential threat to society and a flight risk and so ordered him held without bail during proceedings on charges he robbed the Rockland Trust branch on Centre Street in West Roxbury on Feb. 16.

US District Court Magistrate Judge Judith Dein pointed to the fact the Feb. 16 robbery occurred while Fevrier was still on probation for the 20-year prison sentence he served for his part in an armed home invasion and robbery in Taunton in 1998 - and to the fact he told the teller he robbed that he had a gun. In her ruling, she wrote:

The court finds that the defendant poses a serious risk to the community. While he did not use a firearm, he threatened to use one, which could have engendered a violent response. The fact that the defendant appears to have committed the robbery despite having spent 20 years in jail leads the court to conclude that the defendant cannot comply with conditions of release.

Fevrier and an accomplice were found guilty in 2001 of an armed home invasion in Taunton in 1998, in which they bound a couple with duct tape, pointed a gun at the husband's head, ripped rings off the wife's fingers, then fled in the couple's car.

A Bristol Superior Court judge sentenced Fevrier to 25 years in prison, followed by 10 years of probation. In 2017, he had his sentence reduced to 20 years, according to Bristol court records.

In her order of detention, Dein continued that Fevrier is a major flight risk because he has family, in particular two one-year-old daughters by different women, in the Dominican Republic and has "strong ties" both there and in his native Haiti.

Fevrier spent much of his time after his 2019 release in the two countries because on his release, he was detained by ICE and deported, according to Bristol court records.

However, an entry in those records from last year show that Fevrier "has returned legally to the country."

Should he be convicted for the West Roxbury bank holdup, he could be deported again.

Innocent, etc.

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Some people don't learn from their mistakes.

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Yes, such people exist.

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but our prison system is all about punishment and not enough about reducing recidivism. People never like the idea of spending money to "go easy" on criminals, but from a purely pragmatic standpoint, it works better than just laughing about what's going to happen to so-and-so once they go to a horrifying prison.

There's plenty of evidence backing up the premise of spending money on programs to re-educate and re-integrate criminals into society before they're fully released, but some people still don't like it. There's plenty of evidence backing up the premise that beating your kids has worse outcomes than alternative parenting styles, but some people still don't like it. Humans just like smacking people who do wrong.

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This gentleman should be in jail and/or deported. Our criminal justice system did not make him this way. He came to our country this way. He should be sent back to an island where he can procreate in peace and get the help he needs.

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would be a good date for his next release.

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