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Now let us gather hands and pray for the derailed train at Broadway

The MBTA reports a Red Line train derailed at Broadway at the start of service and that it's now running buses between Park Street and points south. The T says no passengers were on the train.

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Thanks god for this news site. You saved me so much drama this morning.


Note that the MBTA was already planning to run buses from Broadway south this weekend because of the planned Dorchester Ave. bridge demolition work and other track work. Sounds like the first train of the day derailed on the cross-over switch at Broadway.


For the first time I can remember, the T actually lists the (planned) shuttle bus locations on the website. Previously the T assumed you knew where the bus was going to stop. It may be next to next to the station in some cases, but the shuttle locations for Savin Hill and Shawmut, for example are not near the station.

Instead of blessing the mess known as the MBTA was giving passengers the one-finger salute.


Since this kind of thing will probably go on for a very long time, might as well have an expanded fleet sitting on go.


There should simply be a regular bus line on Dorchester avenue (where these shuttles are running) full stop. It's a straight road (are there any others in Boston truly?) and runs all the way from South Station to Milton and beyond.

The 18 bus only covers a small portion of Dot Ave and it's one of the most infrequent in the MBTA, at one hour intervals.

Even on fair-weather days for the Red Line, if there was additional parallel bus service on Dot Ave would serve a lot of people, and access places not reached by the red line. And then most importantly there would always be there as a backup route ready for when the Red Line messes the sheets like this.


Just in case anyone was wondering, the Director of Maintenance of Way at the T has zero track background. He has an electrical background. He already quit at the T once, from the Power Dept. He then came crawling back to a job he is totally unqualified for running the track department.
I swear I am not making this up.