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Monkey mummies seized at Logan

Buddey, the mummified-monkey sniffing dog

Buddey, the mummified-monkey sniffing dog (what, you think we're going to post the photos of the mummified monkeys?).

A man trying to bring in some desiccated dead monkeys via Logan Airport proved no match for Buddey, the Customs and Border Protection sniffer dog, who led agents doing routine post-flight checks right to a suitcase containing them yesterday.

CBP reports:

During the screening of Delta flight 225 from Paris, CBP K9, Buddey alerted his handler to a specific piece of luggage.

When questioned about the bag, the passenger declared that it only held dried fish. The luggage was x-rayed and appeared to hold dried fish. Still, upon physical inspection, the officer identified the dead and dehydrated bodies of four monkeys.

CBP says it's possible the man planned to sell the roughly ten pounds of dehydrated monkey as food:

Raw or minimally processed meat from wild animals in some areas of the world, including Africa, is referred to as “bushmeat.” Bushmeat comes from a variety of wild animals, including bats, nonhuman primates (monkeys), cane rats (grasscutters), and duiker (antelope), and may pose a communicable disease risk. These types of meats are not allowed entry into the United States.

CBP immediately contacted the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the agency with regulatory authority over primate material. The CDC requested that the luggage containing the bushmeat be seized and that Delta Airlines either destroy or return the bags to France. The 4 kilograms of bushmeat was detained for CDC and marked for destruction.

Pics or it didn't happen. Yeah, CBP's got your pics right here (for full enjoyment, open the image in a new tab).

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Or if you wanted to further the alliteration ... Monkey mummies seized near Maverick.



(The beagle)

It's great that they caught the contraband corpses, but I would hope the importer was detained and charged. This is serious stuff.

So you're saying this isn't monkey business?

But tastes like Turkey Jerky!

what, no "monkey in the old Garden" jokes?

Simian Sniffer Specialist

What do you do with desiccated primates? Asking for a friend who needs a new mojo hand.

Mutilated monkey meat
So nice when UH leads me down memory lane

Good job. If you can't stop the drugs that have ruined everything at least you can stop this and much more hazardous bullshit from sneaking in.

Maybe if you knew someone whose life has been destroyed by monkeys, you wouldn't be so cavalier. Monkeys cost me my job, my health, and my marriage.

As for the drugs coming in, well, they wouldn't be coming in if there weren't a lot of people who are spending money on the drugs and creating the market for them.

But, hey, mental health care and social support are communist mind control/too expensive to fund - so let's keep on not solving the root cause issues and blaming drugs. Sure.

On homeless and the homeless population actually grew.


On homeless and the homeless population actually grew.

Did it grow by more, by less, or about the same as it would have grown without the spending?

In related news, we spend vastly more on aviation safety than we did 150 years ago, and yet the number of people dying in air accidents is vastly higher than it was back then. Should we conclude that the money has been ill spent?

I can't even get an onion bagel into the house with my beagle nevermind mummified monkeys.

Was it trained on bushmeat, or was it trained on cocaine and just happened to get excited by the smell of random meat? Or did the handler have random suspicions of the passenger and "decided" that the dog had alerted on something?

It would be very interesting if CBP had dogs trained on biosafety but... I feel like that's unlikely, here.

Food, basically. As I've read they have larger dog breeds searching for drugs in baggage that has been checked.

I'm having a hard time seeing civil rights violations from having dogs alert a handler to a bag and the owner asked to open it to verify.

Forgot about the fruit and vegetable side of things.