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New low for Cable Guy: Now he's stealing from Verizon

District A-7 reports that when Verizon workers asked some jamoke what the hell he was doing in one of their bucket trucks at Crestway Road and Waldemar Avenue in East Boston Wednesday morning, he claimed he was doing work for Comcast. After they chased him off, the workers discovered he had stolen roughly $55,000 worth of copper cable.

He's described as white, about 35 and unshaven.

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Aren't scrap copper prices really low right now? Maybe these guys are stockpiling it until prices go up.

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Actually, scrap Copper prices have shown a steady increase throughout
2009, and even in the last month. Roughly $3.00/lb USD.

Amazing the guy would actually try to steal cable from Verizon. I know in Phoenix
there was an issue not too long ago with people stealing copper from rooftop AC units.
Heck, just a couple of weeks ago, my stepdaughter put her old water heater out on the
curb and it got picked up over night.

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