Fairmount Hill lights

Darryl Houston captured the daylight-powerful lights on Fairmount Hill in Hyde Park - put up by a guy who rents an aerial lift to ensure no surface is unilluminated.

Uma Mirani photographed Cambridge Common:

Cambridge Common lights

Leslee shows us the illuminated arbor at Christopher Columbus Park in the North End:

Christopher Columbus lights

Myron Freeman captured the tree in Copley Square:

Copley Square tree

Leslee's photo posted under this Creative Commons license. Last photo copyright Myron Freeman. Both posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.



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Very Nice

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Beautiful job. So tastefully done.

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The House on Fairmount: Best Lights in Town

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We are lucky enough to live down the street from these guys. The picture, even as good as it is, does not do the house justice. This is, hands down, the best Christmas lighting job I have ever seen. My kids, who are now all in their late teens, have me cruise past the house, starting on Thanksgiving, to check for the lights. They make Christmas that much nicer for all of us. Thank you, Neighbors!

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Including Easter!

I swear it looks like Party City threw up on that lawn...

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