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EaBo, Nebo, meebo, beebo, cut-it-out-bo!

In the Globe today, Devra First reviews a restaurant called Nebo. As in "North End Boston." The restaurant, however, is not actually in the North End, but in the netherland between the North End and Bullfinch Triangle:

Following the current mandatory-neighborhood-nickname trend, that puts it in NoBul, a fitting location for this low-key place where drinks and antipasti take precedence over attitude.

Boston to Devra: No it doesn't. There is no Nebo. There is no NoBul. We won't even get into your implication that in all of the North End, there is not a single restaurant that offers anything but an "overpriced, overstuffed red sauce fest." Because first and foremost, we're sick of hipsters and Realtors trying to remake all of Boston into some exposed-brick version of TriBeCa and SoHo.

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