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Curley murals to be auctioned off when West Roxbury Pub changes hands

Curley mural in West Roxbury

The Boston Licensing Board decides tomorrow whether to let Diarmuid O'Neill buy the West Roxbury Pub on Centre Street and turn it into a new restaurant and pub called Eat with Jack O'Neill.

At a hearing today, the proposed $250,000 purchase got the approval of city officials and West Roxbury neighborhood and business groups. O'Neill, who owns the Squealing Pig in Brigham Circle, said he plans to add a small bakery and wants to start offering Sunday brunch.

O'Neill said he will be taking down the interior murals that illustrate episodes in the life of James Michael Curley - in front of crowds portrayed by more current West Roxbury residents. He said he'll auction off the murals for charity. He said he's already had people ask him if they could buy a piece of one of the murals, which now cover the four walls of the dining room.

O'Neill said that he'll keep the outside mural that is split between a depiction of Centre Street in trolley days and an elderly Curley shaking hands with a young Dapper O'Neil. He added he'll be looking to hire a painter to freshen up the mural, which is showing signs of aging.



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If Cecilia Gimenez offers to work on restoring the mural for you, tell her NO.

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I think the Anglicized version is Dermot

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Adam, Do you know how we can contact Diarmuid O'Neil if interested in the murals?

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